The Road Trip: A Photographic Essay.

If you follow us on facebook, you will likely know that Christina and I were in Toronto this past weekend. We shopped all of the great Toronto 'hoods, ate everything the City had to offer, sat on the roof of our hotel watching 80s music videos and hung out with a bunch of our fabulous designers (who are also some of our favourite people)!

We slept in, drank warm coffee, read our books too. It was nothing short of perfect. Even when we almost ran out of gas on the way home (shhh...our husbands don't need to know. Plus, Osgoode is a very nice town which we wouldn't have seen otherwise).

We hit up favourite Toronto shops like Scout, Likely General, Fresh Collective, Victoire (well done, ladies!), Kid Icarus and Chartreuse. We bought shoes at Imelda.

We ate donuts at Glory Hole and dined in a glass box at Momofuku.  We saw a bunch of our favourite ladies: Avril Loreti, Mandala Design, Marmalade, Kania, Desserts & Skirts, Annie 50, Cokluch, Creations Encore, Candi Factory & Noujica.

We also hit up a craft show at Adam & Davis's studio Crown Flora which we think may have been the most enchanting sale we had ever attended. (I think it was the smell of flowers and the sparkly twinkle lights). We bought chocolate bark.

We came back late last night very inspired and with a car full of stock which is now in the shops for you to enjoy. And this, technically, is our job. Wow. We are lucky.

Here are some of the pics from our trip...enjoy the show!

xoxo  Bridget 


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