The Women With Us.

On International Women's Day we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the (many) amazing women in our lives.

Our shops are home to the works of over 150 independent designers: women who have a vision for themselves and their businesses, women who want to produce in Canada, women who have strong goals and ideals, many of whom work from home while raising their families. It is our honour to carry (and to wear) the things that you have created. 

Our shop is also home to 16 shop girls, each of whom brings us light and energy every single day. You ladies are a pleasure to spend time with: you are young, engaging, unfailingly positive. You represent everything we could hope for in a younger generation: you live your ideals, you do not apologize for being women, you love to try to new things. You are serious about your goals, about changing the world and about being happy. I leave work every day feeling energized and powerful because of you.

Our shops are also nestled on streets with other like-minded, women-owned businesses. We do not compete with each other, but instead recognize that success is a cooperative effort. It was always our dream to have neighbours who shared our ideals and our energy and we are so lucky to have found those ladies in our neighbouring businesses - both on Dalhousie St. and on Wellington West.

And our customers. Unbelievable women. Women who have struggled, who have seen change, who live their ideals. You are the women we are proud to serve. You get what we are doing. You understand the bigger picture. You are engaged in the world. And you support us in what we do. And we couldn't do it without you.

So, on this International Women's Day, we would like to thank all of the women we are lucky enough to have grace our lives. 

You. are. the. best.

Bridget & Christina

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