Big Anniversary Giveaway #2!

Big Anniversary Giveaway #2!


All kinds of great things happen in cute dresses - we know, we've been there.

Today's giveaway is all about special moments: LIKE a giveaway post (on a social media platform of your choosing) & tells us in the comments something wonderful, funny, horrible, hilarious or spectacular that happened to you while wearing a piece from one of our shops! Tag us to enter. If you also a tag a friend (possibly the one who was with you when the event occurred...) they will also be entered to win! It's (actually) a WIN-WIN. (-;

And we're not fooling around (because anniversaries don't happen every day): Today's giveaway is an adorable Kathy dress by Toronto's Kabuki Designs ($189) along with a hand-hammered sterling silver necklace by Vancouver's own Jessie Phoenix ($48). Pretty nice indeed.  Contest closes at midnight.

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Happy Anniversary to Us. 
The Ladies of Workshop & Flock
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Congratulations on 10 years!!!! Here’s to 10 more!

Deek Labelle

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