Big Anniversary Giveaway #10!

Big Anniversary Giveaway #10!


We've made it to our very last giveaway: #10. One giveaway for each of the wonderful, crazy, happy years we've spent selling cute handmade dresses right here in Ottawa. (-: 

Because we're ramping up to the Big Anniversary Bash this Saturday Nov. 7th (10-6pm at both locations), we thought we'd make this last giveaway a big one: Win $150 to spend on any item or items by shop favourite Mandala Designs! Woot!

To enter, tell us the name of your favourite Canadian designer & why you would crown her/him Queen of Canadian design! Make your views known in the comments of our giveaway post on any social media platform. We can't wait to hear what you've got to say!

And you know what we've got to say?

Thanks. Thanks to each & every one of you who took the time to play giveaway with us over the last 10 days. Your comments, posts, shares & stories are like our (already pretty fantastic) jobs jacked up on espresso! We LOVE you guys. Thanks for all of your support over the last 10 years.

And here's to 10 more...'cause why stop now? We're going for 20!

See you all on Saturday for fun, games, gifts, prizes & cake!


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

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My long-standing favourite is Jennifer Glasgow, a fellow Montrealer to boot! Elegant, flattering, timeless. But my new favourite designer would have to be Eve Lavoie. Colourful and a bit quirky with very flattering cuts!

Jenn Beyak

I love that Workshop/Flock showcase Canadian designers. I have many favourites, but the top picks are Mandela, Mellow, Lousje & Bean, Jennifer Glasgow and I could go on! Each time I go to the store I always find somethin incredible!


I love a lot of Montreal designers, Jennifer Glasgow, Betina Lou, Atelier B to name a few but all the designers Flock and Workshop are extremely talented! Thanks for showcasing the amazing work the people in the industry imagine and create on a daily basis.

Celine G

Mandala and I have been in love for a while now. I try not to enter Flock because I know that if I do I will walk out with a new dress. When I see one on the rack, it is usually Mandala. Shirts too. I went to a conference recently and realized that almost all of the clothes in my bag where from Flock. Yes, it is an enduring love.

Kate Whitfield

Mandala is my favourite! Her designs are stylish, sexy and comfortable, catering to any body type. The fabric designs that she chooses are fantastic. I love the retro feel, and flattering cuts of her clothes. I always look forward to her next line. Hands down, #1!


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