Our Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

Our Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again!

Instead of hemming and hawing over what to buy for family and friends this year, come out to our shops (or find us online at www.workshopboutique.ca) and cross off your list in a matter of minutes! Now that’s a holiday tradition we can stand behind! (-:

As shopgirls, we know our stuff. We’ve tried everything on (sometimes more than once), we’ve tested everything out and we’re serious about finding the perfect gift… and so we’ve curated a special list just for you.

Welcome to your ultimate guide for brilliantly designed, Canadian-made original & creative gifts for everyone on your list!


Sara loves our hand-printed Workshop tees featuring vintage Canadiana prints and sassy animals for the entire family (and we totally support family holiday pics in matching tees, by the way). These tees are each printed by hand in the very back of our shop in Ottawa's Byward Market and are available in ladies, mens, kids and baby. Available in store and online.



Joanne loves feeling cozy all winter long despite the (possibly?) plunging temperatures. Here, she’s got her eye on E. Greene’s cozy knits, all handmade right here in Ottawa. We’ve got loads of scarves in every colour and style, including big chunky wraps and gorgeous infinity scarves.


Wearable ceramic? Yes, please! Maboue has been a long-time shop fave and her button studs are beautiful. They pair elegantly with any outfit and are available in a variety of colours. Bridget has most of them already. Which would you chose?



Check out these beautiful handcrafted Noujica bags made of upcycled leather that has been lovingly hand-printed. As the head curator of bag fashion, Christina knows a stylish piece when she sees one! Each bag is unique: we’ve got clutches, handbags, purses and backpacks in a variety of colours and patterns. The most difficult part is sure to be choosing only one! Check them out online here.



Dress up any holiday outfit with one of our beautiful brooches. From a quirky kitty brooch by Draw Me A Lion to the artistic style of Studio Methode - we’ve got everyone from your great aunt Olga to your hip 12 year old niece covered!



Put a ring on it? Yes please! Mandie’s sporting all of our faves, from beautifully handcrafted hammered sterling silver by local designer Alex Jay to super chic 3D-printed rings by Long Betty. Various styles are available in store and online.



Why buy just a ring when you can check out the entire collection from Lana Betty? These pieces are brand new to our shops & they have been stealing the show with their bright metallic colours and geometric shapes. Cara is in love with this gorgeous geometric 3D printed piece in gold-plated raw steel, available both in store and online.



Keri’s all cozied up in a lovely blanket from BC’s own Forest and Waves. These beauties are woven in the USA and they’re guaranteed to be the perfect buddy for cuddling up over the holidays -- and all through the Canadian winter. Available in store & online



Everyone loves a good scarf, and these are fashionable and made right next door - in beautiful Montreal! Cara’s favourite features a cool geometric print and a button up so you can wear it up to your nose on windy days and turn it down while we’re experiencing this unexpected mild weather!



There are so many things in the shop that Cara loves - she couldn’t pick just one - so we let her have a couple of picks like these amazing gift packs from local soap maker Purple Urchin! Join us in store...where we'll be smelling ‘em all!



Whether she's biking or walking, mittens are a girl’s best friend! We  particularly love two Montreal designers using faux and upcycled leather: Kazak & Cokluch. Available in store and online.



April, one of our favourite shop friends, is in love with these cute tea towels from Forest and Waves-- and as a former chef we have to trust her judgement. We have ‘em in a few different patterns, including Ontario! Available in store and online.


And if you're not sure, then do what we beg our friends & husbands to do every year: score us a gift certificate! Available in store & online.

We wish each & every one of you a glorious holiday season filled with good friends and a whole lot of love. 


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock


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