Designer Spotlight: Shoshanah of 3rd Floor Studio

Designer Spotlight: Shoshanah of 3rd Floor Studio

We sure love clothes a lot...but we also love to know (very serious...and maybe a few hilarious) details
about our designers: the special, happy creative ladies who envision, design & make the pieces that inspire us.
And so we've begun a Designer Spotlight.

Meet Shoshanah Kuper, designer behind 3rd Floor Studio:

Name: Shoshanah Kuper

Nicknames: Shosh, Shoshi, Oodie, Tutti-Fruitti, Slood.

Label: 3rd Floor Studio

I live to design for the following season: Summer

If you had to describe your collection in one word it would be: Fun!

Favourite Designer of all time: It changes on a regular basis.

Name 3 things you’d bring on a desert island: My older sister, a big floppy hat, and the Harry Potter series.

How long have you been designing?

Since highschool, my school put on huge charity fashion shows where all the outfits were student made, despite not having fashion classes or any type on instruction or resources at the school. It was “a fend for yourself and figure it out as you go along” type thing—which tends to be how I do everything.

Why and when did you start?

I started my company when I was still at Ryerson University as my summer job in 2011. I was interning for Sara Duke part time when she urged me to start my own line.

 What inspires you?

I always start designs with fabric. Colour and pattern are my muses. I don’t work with solid inspirations necessarily I tend to just start a collection and see where it takes me.

What is the last thing you worked on?

Annie Dresses for Spring 2016!

Who would you most like to design a collection with? Why?

Currently I think I would love to work with Erdem, he uses colour and pattern in a very interesting way but also has the ability to use different fabrics and couture techniques that I would love to learn about and have the audience to design for. 

 Do you think it's important to shop local and Canadian made? Why?

I do think it’s important, I like supporting domestic jobs and buying items that are not being shipped here and there and that are not mass manufactured offshore by a child who is locked in a factory all day. I like to buy my food at farmers markets and locally sourced grocers where factory farms are not used. So why if I am making an effort to nourish myself ethically why shouldn’t I dress myself in the same manner?

What is your favourite thing about Ottawa?

I haven’t been to Ottawa in a long time (I am very bad at taking time off) but there was a place called the Scone Witch that I LOVED.

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