Boxing Week discounts on pretty Canadian-made dresses!

Boxing Week discounts on pretty Canadian-made dresses!

Check out our amazing Boxing Week sales! 

Have you been eyeing up one (or two?) of our lovely made-in-Canada pieces but haven't wanted to splurge because you had so many other people to buy for? We understand. But now, things have shifted and Boxing Week is upon us! Call up your partner in crime & make some plans to join us for sweet deals on all of your favourite goodies.

We don’t want to give away too many of our secrets but here are a few of the discounts we’ve got in store for you…

30% off all Jennifer Glasgow Design
25% off all Moovment (sizes XS-XXL), Blank, Little Black Dog & most Mandala Design and Ramonalisa
20% off all Annie 50, Desserts & Skirts, Strut, Frett, Julie Sinden, Yoga Jeans (at Workshop only) & a bunch more (the list is long, we wouldn’t want you to get bored)
10% off a bunch of other goodies including jewellery

Follow us on FB & Insta because you KNOW we’ll be trying everything on all week long and going a bit nuts…we are who we are, after all! (-;

Hours for Boxing Week at both locations are:
Dec 26-30 10-6pm
Dec 31 10-4pm

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