Designer Spotlight: Annie 50

Designer Spotlight: Annie 50

You already know that we carry amazing Canadian made garments and gifts but how well do you know our designers?

Welcome to your behind the scenes Designer Spotlight. We will bring you interesting bios and exclusive interviews with our designers.

Oh, and did we mention, loads of behind the scenes photos and studio tours that show how your goods are made?! Yeah, we love that too. 
Our first Designer Spotlight is the Montreal duo Annie 50. Founded in 2005, Amélie Gingras-Rioux and Annie Chagnon started their line to bring their love of retro style to fit the active lifestyle of women today.

The ladies of Flock love recommending Annie 50 pieces for customers that want a flirty, stand out in the crowd garment. Think dresses that make you want to twirl and jumpsuits that will have you sneaking every glance of yourself you can get.  

A short Q&A with Annie 50


Describe the Annie 50 woman in three words.
In fact, there are 4 words to describe Annie 50:
Blossoming : Annie 50 believes that in each woman, there is a flower ready to bloom, and thus commits to helping them to bloom.
Timelessness : Style inspired by the last decades, coupled with excellent manufacturing techniques; Annie 50 clothing is a guarantee of sustainability.
Ethics : Made entirely by local people, our clothes are designed with respect to humans and environmental values.
Collaboration : Our actions are guided by integrity and the respect we have for our customers, suppliers, partners, and towards each other.

What is the first step in your design process?

The first step of our design process is looking for the trend to come, through fashion shows, fashion magazines, social networks... After that, we analyze our best sellers from the past years, research new fabrics, and combine it all to draw the first sketches.


We are so excited about our new prints and our natural fiber fabrics. We look forward to adding color to your wardrobe!
What do the ladies at Annie 50 think is an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe?

An Annie 50 dress, of course ! 
Check out all our fresh Annie 50 styles here  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next Designer Spotlight!

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