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Mocha Milk 60% Chocolate Bar

Mocha Milk 60% Chocolate Bar

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Dark milk chocolate infused with locally roasted coffee. A subtle mocha flavour and silky smooth sweet treat, perfect for morning, noon, or night.

Equator Coffee Roasters' is a community-based, mission-driven roastery, and café just down the street from us.  A pillar to Almonte, you simply don't come to town without stopping at Equator, and grabbing a cup of their delicious fair trade, organic coffee.  Naturally we are big fans at Hummingbird and it was high time we collaborated. 

A whole lot of coffee and chocolate later, voila - the Mocha Milk bar!

A beautiful bar that combines rich milk chocolate made from Peruvian cacao and Equator Coffee Roasters' North Star Espresso. We sure hope you enjoy!

Velvety smooth, with notes of sweet cocoa and dark cherry from the espresso, and rich, nutty, and toasted notes from the milk chocolate.  


INGREDIENTS: Organic cacao, organic cane sugar, milk powder, organic cocoa butter, Equator Coffee Roasters' North Star Espresso

ALLERGENS: Contains milk. May contain nuts and peanuts. 

Soy Free and Gluten Free

Please note: Due to the heat sensitivity of chocolate, we won't be shipping any chocolate orders from May to October. Please select in store pick up.

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